ATTN cavies have just taken off their shirts.

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Blue knights and Phantom Regiment :)

Blue Knights: What is your all time favorite show?

Oh gosh. I have way too many favorite shows.  I really like Blue Devils 09, Cadets 93 07. Cavies 03.  Like I have this personal thing that I can’t let recent shows into my all time favorites because my opinion might change over the time. But I really liked Crown Cadets and Bluecoats alot last year.  And I guess I would have to say I think Bluecoats this year will be my all time favorite because my boyfriend is marching in it…but opinions can change hahaa.

Phantom Regiment: Where would you audition if money and location was not an issue?

I’d probably audition for Bluecoats, Boston, Vanguard, and Troopers. Bluecoats would just be a laugh and just for the fun of it sort of thing. But the latter 3 are ones that I feel like I would actually have a chance of getting into. Also, you might be curious about why I didn’t say Cadets, it’s because I feel like I’m getting a Cadets like experience already with C2 and I want to expand my tastes.

Thanks! :)

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judybelle said: im probs gonna chill w/ u on allentown day2 because im broke. but you… shy?! WHAATTT

yoooooo around people i know i don’t know what to say dude. >__<

incidentinjazz said: Please bring the food to west chester

what food? we never talked about food???????????

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Drum Corps Ask.

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DSABS14 said: Omg can I meet you in Allentown???

HELL yeah you can!! but I’m not actually going into the stadium…because i’m broke af. 

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i’m not really huge on the whole concept of meet ups at DCI competitions because I usually do my own thang and i’m kind of really shy. but if you’re interested in saying hi or something i’ll be at

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middle earth infinity scarf here
one ring script infinity scarf here

  • aka buy me this and i’ll give you my soul 


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8 Female Villain Archetypes (Based on: X) - (For male archetypes: X)

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omg please unmute this

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so this week i might get my corps jacket, and i got an email saying i might get it mid august last week. 


i just really hope i’m getting it this week. #iwanttolooklikeaBADA$$

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did somebody say

cute boys


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